Ian & Elliot's Birthday Circle Line Pub Crawl

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From my notes, I have written that Ian asked that Simon be commended for his money handling ability. Well done Simon.

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DISCLAIMER: Some of the info on here is a bit patchy due to people's inability to recall what happened, and me losing the piece of paper with all the pub details written on it. The stretch between Liverpool St. and Sloane Square is the most detailed (as I was actually present for this stretch, and can remember most of it): if people could e-mail me and tell me what happened on the rest of the route, I'd appreciate it.

Anyone with any other photos, please send 'em to me. I promise not to lose them (maybe). If you've got the technical ability, you could even scan them in yourself and e-mail them to me - scan them at 100% scale at 72dpi and save them as JPEG, medium compression.